Vegas Strip: c. 2009


One of my favorite cities to vacation in is Las Vegas.  Some people hate this city for its decadent excess. I love this city for the constant revolution of different buildings and spaces, the energy of the people, and the constant barrage of visual stimulation in the form of lights, signs, color, and texture. I love the window shopping, the live music, and the amazing variety of food. Here’s my weird little collection of “must-do” things when visiting this city.

  1. Makeup Shopping – I like to visit stores that are not available in my area.  Two standouts are the Kiko Milano in the Fashion Show Mall & Inglot at Ceaser’s Palace.  I also like the Sephora at the Venetian that has a special expanded Makeup Forever area.
  2.  Dancing to Live Music – Because I love to move, I appreciate the free music in the evenings in many of the large hotel lounges.  I’m particularly fond of the little dance space in Paris, and the larger more expansive stage and dance floor at Mandalay Bay.
  3. Hitting the Spa – These days, many of the spas have become exclusive to the guests of their hotels, so it’s harder to just “drop in” to a spa.  My three favorite spas include Qua at Ceaser’s Palace, The Spa at Mandalay Bay, and perhaps my all-time favorite, The Spa at Encore.
  4. Food – No matter what you like to eat, there’s something for your in Las Vegas.  There are so many places to try from chains to independents, fast food to swanky haute cuisine by multi-Michelin starred chefs. I love the Burger Bar between Luxor and Mandalay Bay, and the classic and somewhat kitschy Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse in the Nugget downtown Las Vegas.
  5. Water Fountains – Although Las Vegas is located in one of the hottest places in the US, there is water flowing everywhere.  I really enjoy all of the water features bubbling and flowing throughout the city.  The classic water show at the Bellagio is gorgeous and enjoyable if you’re hanging out in that area.  The Wynn hotel has several gorgeous faux waterfalls in addition to beautiful free-standing fountains.

I find as I am writing out this list, that it’s getting longer and longer as things occur to me, but I have to draw a line at some point, so I think 5 is a nice round number.  I always have an amazing time in this big, brash, and vibrant city.

Paris Hotel – The best view of the Paris Hotel is from across the street at the Bellagio. 1/4/2016

Faux Eiffle.jpg

Swatch Fest – Shopping for makeup in Kiko Milano, 1/5/2016



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