Lets Try This Again… Vegas 2020

Paris Hotel, Las Vegas

2020 has been a heavy year. I’ve cancelled a pile of travel for business and fun. I took a moment to flip through my calendar for the rest of the year and realized that I had set aside time to take a vacation with my mum to celebrate our birthdays. Originally, we booked a cruise to Mexico during October, but that is, sadly, not happening.

Grand Canal Shops at the Venetian, Las Vegas

So I called my mum, and we started talking. I still have a round-trip plane ticket to San Diego and I am still planning on going to visit her. However, she announced she is done sitting around, so why not take a road trip?!?

After a bit of brainstorming, budget hacking (we will get that cruise refund someday,) some research, and a deep conversation about maintaining health and safety, we’ve made a decision – we’re going to Las Vegas!

Light Sculpture in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

My mum and I will be taking a road trip from her place in the San Diego area out to Las Vegas and back. Since we are traveling during unusual circumstances, we’ve set up some new travel rules to help stay safe and sane as we move through the world.

  • If anyone is uncomfortable with an activity, there will be no debate, we will step back and regroup.
  • We will honor social distancing as we travel as a pod-of-two.
  • Our trip can be ended by either of us at any moment in response to changes in health and safety regulations.

Our goal is to get a lot of steps in while looking at all the cool decorating and theming that Vegas has to offer. We love window shopping together, so we’re going to pick a few of the fun malls to enjoy. I’m also looking forward to some tasty food (that I don’t have to cook,) sleeping in a comfortable bed (that I don’t have to make,) and hanging out next to a swimming pool and reading a book. Oh.. and at least one serving of gelato!

Now on to one of my favorite parts of any trip – travel research!!

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