Pigeon Point Lighthouse, CA


This summer, I’ve got a lot of work on the bench and so I’m staying home.  However, I love to travel!  So to balance out this need to work harder, faster, and smarter, and the overwhelming wanderlust, I’ve decided to focus on the places and spaces around the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  Yesterday, I needed some quality time soaking in the sight, sounds, and smell of the sea.  A five-hour drive took us out to the Pigeon Point Light Station on Hwy 1 between San Francisco and Santa Cruz.  Although the lighthouse itself is closed due to damage, it’s a lovely, if windy, place to visit.

For more information visit the park’s official page. http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=533
Does the idea of hostelling at the base of a historic lighthouse interest you?

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