Shimmy on the High Seas

Concept art for "Shimmy on the High Seas" - a cozy murder mystery set on a cruise ship during a belly dance festival.

Shimmy on the High Seas – A Cozy Murder Mystery

After languishing on a shelf for the past three years, I’ve dusted off the unfinished manuscript for my first novel, “Shimmy on the High Seas.” Originally, I wrote the bulk of the 30k-word text during NaNoWriMo in November 2018. I then worked on it here and there through 2019.

However, I realized I really needed to take a cruise for research purposes. So I came up with the plan to take a cruise with my mum, who challenged me to write this book, to Mexico. So we booked, for March 2020. Needless to say, that cruise didn’t happen!

In 2022, we decided to book a new cruise, and in a wink the crazy year of 2022 flew by! Next month I’ll be getting back on a cruise ship and sailing to Mexico with the prime mission of finishing my manuscript.

I’m looking forward to sharing this travel and writing experience with you when I get back.

Dawn Devine ~ Davina
Feb. 13, 2023


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