Huntington Gardens, San Marino, Ca, April 2017


In April, 2017, I took a driving trip from San Diego, to my home in Silicon Valley.  On the way, I stopped for a 5 hour wander around one of my favorite places in California, The Huntington. Located in the very posh community of San Marino, it’s large complex that includes a late 19th century stately home, a fantastic collection of fine art, the famed Huntington Library, and gardens.

There was no way that I could see the entire site in a mere 5 hours, so I decided to head to the Orient and visit the Japanese and Chinese gardens.  There’s a waterfall that connects the two spaces and on the path between the two zones, I spotted this structure from above and then found the path down to enjoy the space.  This structure is the “Pavillion for Washing Away Thoughts” and is a place for quiet contemplation of the beautiful planting and the sound of the water of this classic Suzhou garden.

Visit The Huntington



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