Lion – San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Oct. 2013

One of the things I like to do when I travel, is to visit the local zoo, animal park, or aquarium.  San Diego, a city I lived in for a decade, has two of the best zoos on the planet.  When I lived in the area, I had a membership and frequently visited both. Over the past five years, the Safari Park has undergone upgrades, expansions, and an overall improvement in the experience.  One of my favorite changes they made was to craft a whimsical scene within their lion exhibit.  Here’s the king casually lying on an abandoned 4×4, perhaps after a quick snack of tourist?  What fun for kids of all ages.  The fact that’s licking his lips, just makes this photo that much better.  Ummmm.  I wonder what’s on the menu for desert?

San Diego Zoo Safari Park –  Info
San Diego Zoo – Info


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