Cruise Cabin Essentials

In less than two weeks I’m off to a “Bucket List” trip on a 15-day cruise through the Panama Canal. Two weeks before every cruise vacation, I start packing the items that I consider essential for comfort in a tiny cabin for a lengthy voyage. Ordinarily, I’m a big fan of building “kits” that each has their own bag or pouch and keep like items contained.  However, the items in my “Cabin Kit” are spread out in my luggage in different containers.  

Power and Sound

I keep a “tech kit” that includes all the wires I need to feed my various devices. When I head out on a cruise, I find myself wanting to listen to tunes while in the cabin. On this trip, I’m bringing a small waterproof blue-tooth speaker and making sure I have a few fun playlists ready.  

Since there’s never enough power, I like to bring two small power strips. One I plug into the US plug.  I bring along a UK/EU power converter to plug the second strip into what is often an unused outlet.  In addition to the one in the picture, I also have one of these by Belkin

Laundry Items

For this long cruise followed by a few days in Florida, I’ve decided to bring along a universal rubber plug and liquid laundry detergent. Woolite isn’t just for wool and it rinses very easily and cleanly out of hand washed clothes. My skivvies, socks, shirts and fitness wear will be easy to hand wash and drip-dry in our cabin bathroom.  These items will be included in my bathroom carry-all.

Liquid Hand Soap

Those tiny little hotel soaps can make a sloppy mess.  On a longer trip, I like to take along a more convenient and better quality hand soap for the trip. For health and safety reasons, it’s recommended that you wash your hands frequently and use antibacterial hand spray or gel. For this trip, I scored a small bottle of hand-soap from Ulta on sale and used points. “Sea Salt Splash” sounds like the perfect scent for a cruise! I’m transporting this in a zip-top bag in my luggage.

Magnetic Hooks

When you don’t have much floor space, why not look up for potential storage places.  I like to take some rare-earth magnet hooks.  Nearly every wall in a cruise ship is made from metal.  So this hooks can be used in many places of the room.  I hang my top-shirts, hats, and bags on these hooks to keep them organized and off the floor.  I keep these hooks in a “cruise bag” that includes items I only use on cruise vacations

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Dawn Devine ~ Davina

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