Sunny Day at the Legion of Honor

Legion-of-Honor copy.jpeg

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that my favorite regional museums are the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. This museum has a lovely permanent collection of European painting sculpture and decorative arts that range from the early middle ages through early modern periods. Several times a year, they host touring exhibitions and I like to catch the ones that appeal to me. However, the building itself is just as amazing as the art inside. I especially love the beauty of the courtyard with its collonade.


During a visit to the Legion in May 2011, the courtyard was beautifully sunlit with unobstructed views. Frequently, this part of San Francisco is socked in with fog, so the sun was an unexpected bonus. So I tried for a “trick shot” to catch the clouds, courtyard, and collonade in my black sunglasses. It’s always a tiny thrill when ya try an interesting shot and it works!


The Legion Cafe changes their food offerings to match the themes of their temporary exhibitions. On this particular visit, the desserts looked as good as they tasted. The cafe has a long tall wall of windows, and the sun streaming onto the marble table top with white dishes looked amazing. When I travel, I really enjoy documenting my meals, but it’s rare that the images come out this beautifully!  I’m heading up there one more time in 2018, and hope that the food is as beautiful and tasty as these amazing treats.

Here’s a past post about the Legion


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