San Diego Mission, March 2018

San Diego Mission - Facade | Davina at Home and Abroad

Mission Basilica San Diego de Acala

Although I lived in San Diego for more than 10 years, and I have family there still, there are still so many places that I haven’t taken the opportunity to visit.  One of these locations was the San Diego Mission.

When I lived in San Diego between 1985-1995, I was focussed on getting my education and having fun.  My days were full of work in the morning, attending school in the afternoon, and dancing at night. The result?  There are many historic locations, sites, and experiences left for me to explore. Mission-San-Diego-MeditationGarden | Davina at Home and Abroad

The San Diego Mission was the first California mission established in 1769.  Established by the Franciscan order, lead by Father Junipero Serra.  There are 20 more missions dotted along the Camino Real or Kings Highway, the path that Serra traveled.  I’ve been to several of these historic churches, and have enjoyed the history and architecture, as well as the peace and tranquility.

The meditation garden located in the small cloister off the main basilica is filled with lush planting, fountains, and sculptures.  The basilica church is an austere building hall with thick adobe walls and painted wooden ceiling that is still being used today.

San Diego Mission, Basilica Altar

Nestled in Mission Valley near the San Diego River, the Mission is a pleasant way to spend the afternoon wandering through the museum rooms, the church, and gardens.  When you visit, don’t forget to pick up a commemorative coin at the gift-shop. For more information about visiting the San Diego Mission, visit their website.

San Diego Mission Website

San Diego Mission - Courtyard Fountain | Davina at Home and Abroad



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