Paris Skylight, Las Vegas, Jan 2016


During the first week of January, 2016, I went to Las Vegas to have an “Orgy of Beauty.”  Over the course of three days, I visited 14 makeup shops, kiosks, and counters, and had 7 makeovers.  My mission in 2016 is to feature a new blog post on the subject of makeup every Monday.  So with lots of new information, products, and skills, I’m ready to make 2016 my beautiful year ever.  I was fortunate to stay right in the middle of the famed Vegas Strip, at the lovely Paris Hotel.  The room was fine, the bathroom beautifully fitted, and the decor was very evocative of it’s namesake city.  This skylight above is located in the walkway between the Paris and Bally’s hotel.  It so reminded me of the skylight at the Galerie Lafayette in Paris.  I took the picture below during my last trip to Paris in summer 2012.  Paris, Vegas really did a good job, no?


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For more information about the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France:

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