Pompeii, Lararium, Wall Painting, October, 2005


As an art historian, it was a glorious experience to travel to Italy and visit Pompeii.  Throughout the thousands of homes, business, and public buildings, I enjoyed hunting down wall paintings. Many are quite famous, and have been photographed numerous times.  Some, like this small painting in a Roman-era fast-food joint, are hiding in plain sight.  You simply have to go into each and every building looking for these hidden gems.  How do I know it’s a fast-food joint?  Notice the jugs set into a counter below the painting. This establishment is on the outside of the house of Vetutius Placidus.  What’s a Lararium? It’s a small shrine to the gods of a household or establishment. In homes, it’s often located in the atrium or near the hearth. There are several located throughout the massive Pompeii site.

For more information about planning your own trip to Pompeii, visit their site, Pompeii.

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