Shopping at the Greenwich market – Aug. 2012

Shopping at the Greenwich market - Aug. 2012

While I was in town for the London summer Olympics, we went down to Greenwich and I had the opportunity to shop at their local market which has been in that location since 1737. Local artisans, produce growers, crafters, and food stalls provide a gloriously ruckus experience, noisy, bustling, and alive with delicious scents. I adore buying locally handmade soaps when traveling. They are portable, small, sturdy, and actually help keep your suitcase smelling fresh and sweet. I bought the most incredible salt-scrub soap, the scent of lavender took me back to the experience with every soak. I found this display impossible to resist, both gorgeous to the eye, intoxicating to the nose.  Kats Kalma has a website if you want to tray out her salty-soap without the expense of travel. Kats Kalma – Natural Soap

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