Looking Up in NYC, Oct. 2018

Last week I had the opportunity to visit friends in NYC, hang out, see some sights, and get some research done.  Over the course of six days, I was able to hit the New York Public Library Main Branch as well as the Jerome Robbins Dance Collection at Lincoln Center. Because I spent most of my time with my head down, combing the archive for information about my current research subject, Salome c. 1907-1912, I didn’t get too much time to just walk around and enjoy the sites of the city.

However, when you are in Manhatten, you can’t help but see beautiful and often iconic buildings at every turn.  So here are some of my favorite shots of some of New York’s tallest buildings.

IMG_6264.JPGEmpire State Building (I didn’t go to the top!)IMG_6234.JPGMetropolitan Life Tower (Now a swanky hotel)IMG_6241.JPGThe Flat Iron Building (article “10 Secrets of the Flatiron Building”)IMG_3659.JPGThe Chrysler Building (Wikipedia Page)IMG_4708.JPGOne World Trade Center (website)


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