San Diego - Coronado Bridge from below

Bay cruises in my “other” hometown

Over the years, I’ve had folks ask me, “Where are you from?”  I have to take a moment and think about the answer.  My wanderlust comes naturally to me, as my family moved regularly as a kid.  I started out in Chicago, then “grew up” in Milwaukee, but after I graduated from high school, I bought a one-way train ticket to San Diego.  My family came with me and though we’ve lived in various places since then, my family now lives in the greater San Degio area.  Lately, I find myself telling people I’m going “home” and when I do, I am referencing San Diego.

San Diego-Selfie Fail.jpg

Above: Self Portrait with San Diego Skyline from Harbor Island
Below: Coronado Bridge from below.

San Diego - Coronado Bridge from below

One of my favorite thing to do in San Diego is to take a harbor cruise.  This is something I never did when I was living there.  However, now I find a 2-hour long cruise to be an extremely relaxing and enjoyable experience.  There are several companies that offer tours, and we’ve consistently found great deals on Groupon for the Flagship Cruises.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a grey or sunny, it’s a fun way to while away a few hours on the water.

The harbor cruise dock is located on the Embarcadero south of the San Diego Maritime Museum and the Cruise Ship Dock and north of the USS Midway Museum just beside the Broadway Pier.  On days when I’m feeling less flush, I like to hop a more affordable Coronado Ferry.  These shorter, affordable boat rides offer many of the same fantastic views of the downtown skyline.  San Diego Maritime Musem

Above: San Diego Maritime Museum
Below:  The USS Midway from the Bay Side

San Diego - USS Midway.JPG

However, if you enjoy taking travel photos, the harbor cruise offers amazing views.  The two-hour cruise is two separate 1-hour segments.  If you only have time for a single hour, you can take just one segment.  The northern loop heads towards Point Loma and offers some amazing views of the skyline.San Diego Skyline - Flagship Harbor Cruise

The southern loop heads under the Coronado Bridge and past the military ships. As you head north, the captain or one of the crew will identify the ships and offer tidbits related to their deployment.  You also get to see ships being worked on and in dry dock.  Military Ship in Dry Dock

I’m heading back to San Diego at the end of the month, and I’ve already purchased tickets for my next harbor cruise.  I look forward to grabbing a coffee and snack, and hanging out with my mum and enjoying a relaxing afternoon of watching the world sail by.

San Diego Harbor Cruise by Flagship Cruises

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