The Living Desert Zoo|Garden, April 2018

2018-4-LivingDesert-Eagle1The Living Desert is a lovely way to spend a morning if you’re visiting the greater Palm Springs area.  Located in a quiet valley at the base of the mountain in Palm Desert just a mile south of highway 111.  Their collection of desert-dwelling plants and animals come together to give the visitor an introduction to the flora and fauna from desert regions around the globe.  From North American animals like the Bald Eagle above and Salem the puma below to animals from Asia and Africa.


If you are interested in details about the Living Desert, there have a video channel on YouTube filled with lots of information about their animal residents and their  YouTube channel. Even if you have no plans of visiting the Palm Springs area of Ca, their videos are a great way to check out this beautiful place.

Be sure to visit their website if you are planning a trip to the Living Desert.  Their hours are reduced in the summer and extended in the cooler months.  If you are planning a trip, be prepared with a proper sun hat, sunglasses, a hand fan, and a bottle for water.  There are water bottle refilling stations throughout the park for your convenience.  If walking in the heat seems daunting, they have a tram available with stops all around the park. Although the tram is an additional fee, it does help beat the heat.

2018-4-LivingDesert-collage1.jpgAbove Left: Three desert big-horned sheep hiding in plain sight.
Above Top Right: Persephone the Sand Cat
Above Bottom Right: One of the two resident striped Hyena
Below: Two bobcats hunting a foolish bird who landed in their enclosure.


There is always something flowering in the Living Desert gardens.  This April, I caught photos of one of the native flowering tree species, the Desert Willow.

Flowering Tree at the lving Desert.JPG

There are loads of different varieties of palm trees throughout the park.  The plantings are grouped by region or by plant species.  If you are a palm enthusiast, this  Below, fan palms planted around an oasis.


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