Welcome 2018! It’s nice to meet you!

You Can DoAnythingBut you Can't doEverythingOver the past few weeks, I’ve taken some time to revisit 2017 and look contemplate how the year went.  All-in-all I’m pretty happy with how the year turned out.  Was it the best year ever?  Probably not.  Was it the worst year ever?  Nope!

I published a coloring book!

In 2017 I did achieve a few goals that were important to me.  I finished a book entitled “Color Theory with Pencils & Mandalas.”  This workbook/coloring book hybrid started off life as a collection of handouts and now it’s a book available in print from Amazon.com and as a printable on my Etsy store.

Launched my first digital course

In early 2017, I decided to take my in-person design classes out onto the web. I did a lot of studying to learn how to build online courses, and I did launch my first class, “5 Layers of Belly Dance Appearance” at the Belly Dance Business Academy website.  This class is free once you’ve joined the school mailing list.

Created a Magazine:  Amabella

During the spring, the team of ladies who brought you “Becoming a Belly Dancer: from Student to Stage,” worked together to create a digital belly dance magazine entitled “Amabella.”  Our first 60-page sample magazine was our proof of concept to see if there was interest in the community in this publication.  The results were astonishing!  Based on the feedback we received from the community, we’re at work on setting up a better infrastructure and workflow to produce two editions in 2018.  Check out our first edition over on the Issuu website.

Started a Studio Davina FaceBook Group

And I started a new FaceBook group so that I could hang-out with my friends in costuming and dance online.  This group is all about making things and is home to knitters and quilters, belly dancers and woodworkers, and even some folks who are simply patrons of the art.  I’m happy to answer questions, participate in conversations, and share whimsical memes in a social group with like-minded individuals. If you are active on Facebook, come join us for the fun!

2018 Motto

So now that we’re in the middle of January, I’ve figured out what my motto for the year will be:  You can do ANYTHING, but you can’t do EVERYTHING.  I’m going to be working on several big projects this year, and am planning for a productive and successful year.  I’m looking forward to doing a bit more travel in 2018, even if it’s just day trips in my local area.  Stay tuned for more travel and event photos!

I hope that you have a prosperous and successful 2018!
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
Studio Davina Business Site: www.davina.us 

PS: Photo was taken from the deck of the Holland America ship Veendam in the port of Cabo San Lucas.

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