I made that Victorian Cape!


This fall, I’ve been working very hard on a new publication entitled “Color Theory with Pencils and Mandalas.”  Because I’ve spent so many hours sitting in front of my computer fine-tuning the text, layout, and images of this new Workshop In A Book, I have not been traveling.


However, this past weekend I did travel back in time to Dickensian London for the Great Christmas Fair in San Francisco at the Cow Palace.  In the two weeks before the event, I dove into my “fabric stash” and found the materials and supplies to make a little Victorian style capelet for my friend and photographer, Alisha Westerfeld.  Although we didn’t get dressed up from head to toe, this little capelet added that nice touch to what was really a very comfy outfit!

This event is a riot of color and sound, scents and flavors, and a ton of fun.  It’s part of my annual calendar of events, that I really miss if I miss it.  I really enjoy visiting with friends who work there, shopping at beautifully decorated shops, dancing, singing, and lots of laughing!   Here are a few of my favorite images from the day!


In the collage above: Top Left, my friend Martin in the red cap, is relieved from duty as coffee brewer at Don Brown’s Coffee shop.  His replacement was a dapper chap in green and red, flashed me a cheerfully cheesy grin before the passing of the apron.  Top right, a peek into the window of the bookseller.  Though I didn’t buy anything this year, this is the shop where I have spent the most the many years I’ve been attending Dickens Fair.  Bottom Right, a selection of vintage and antique tailors tools at the tailor’s shop.  I was thrilled to hold a pair of professional tailors shears c. 1850!  Bottom Right, Inside the music shop, a mandolin awaits some TLC on the master’s workbench.   


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