Colors of Fall, Turban Squash, Wells, UK Oct. 2016


We arrived in the UK on the 26th of October, at the perfect time in 2016 to enjoy the colors of fall.  Leaves were turning on the trees, the air was crisp, and the flavors of autumn were everywhere to enjoy!  I spotted these beautiful turban squashes in a market stall in Wells, UK.  We were on our way to Wells cathedral and paused for a moment to enjoy walking around the vegetable market.  Inspired by all the beautiful squashes, I started looking for autumnal foods on restaurant menus.

A few day laters, while enjoying walking around the beautiful quay in Exeter, we stopped for lunch at a historic pub, The Prospect Inn.  As soon as I saw pumpkin risotto on the menu, I ordered it, and it was absolutely magnificent!  It beautiful when served, and it took every ounce of willpower to hold back from licking the bowl clean.  The weather was perfect and we dined outside the pub to enjoy the sites.


My travel companion Sara Shrapnell order the lasagna and it was beautifully served on a cutting board.  Photographer Alisha Westerfeld, the third in our merry band, ordered a burger, and unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of her amazing burger, because I simply couldn’t wait and set down my phone to dive into my steaming hot food!
Chek out my travel buddies here: Sara’s Website & Alisha’s Photo Galleries



Want more info on the Prospect on Exeter Quay?  Follow these links:’2C+The/


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