London Tube Station, May 2008


Perhaps my favorite city to visit is London.  It’s a living city with an energy and buzz, a personality that is unrivaled among the great cities of the world.  When you visit London, you rapidly find out that it’s very much a walking city, with a very efficient public transportation that includes the infamous Tube.  This subway system serves the city and offers tourists like me a slice-of-life peek at London daily life.  Although formally called the London Underground, many sections of the the Circle line, which opened it’s first leg in 1863, is cut just below street level and the stations are open to the sky.  I love the juxtaposition of the old Victorian era construction on the left, with the modern platform on the right.  Ubiquitous, practical, affordable and, frankly, fun, riding the Tube is THE way to get from point A to B.

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